» » Scatisfaction 2 Why Do I Vomit Shit with LizzyDirt

Scatisfaction 2 Why Do I Vomit Shit with LizzyDirt

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Description: Actually, this was just a short “in my face piss video”, in which I review my first ten videos, and tell something about me, my fetish and the surrounding. But then I noticed that the long awaited shit still wants to get out. Unfortunately, it was then too late for plastic wrap on the floor to do. No matter! The coolest things happen spontaneously. And so I’m already in the middle of the biggest bathroom cleaning action of my life to provoke.Slowly and with pleasure, back and forth, a thick Kakke sausage fights its way out of my intestine. Maybe it was not quite time, but I was now sharp, and pressed the part out.When the shit was finally there I wanted to feel it immediately. Mhh so nice warm and viscous mushy mhh, a shiver ran through my body and I had to push the shit back into my asshole to thank my ass cunt for the nice toy.After these formalities, however, I could not hold back I wanted to spoil a cock with my shit! Slowly and with relish I pack a dildo full of my still warm shit and massage the whole dildo nice and full and then the part is wixxt. The scent of my premium shit rises again and again in my nose, and at some point I am no longer content with just sniffing it. I want the whole cock in my throat! In, and out, tein and out again, spit on it! Again pure mhhh fuck I’m excited! I know how you love to see how the fat cock stretches my throat so I fuck myself really deep in the throat and try to vomit to have more sauce. Do I succeed? Not really, because I was born to swallow, and not to spill but a little stinky vomit I could elicit my stomach then but what made me very proud and even more excited.shit on the floor, this is now eh completely filthy, so I want to enjoy it too, and rub my face in the shit, piss puke soup. Mhhh as my tits slide over the floor and everything felt disgustingly slippery was a dream mhh I want more slippery vomit spit I suck again deeptroath and rub my pussy and tits and then finally! Puke! nice light brown she runs down the cock like you like it! Mhhh look at this goddamn shit! Wonderful, I can not get enough and suck the bottom, rub my body, suck my fingers, and reinbe my pussy to then stuff the dildo in my ass.

Scatisfaction 2 Why Do I Vomit Shit with LizzyDirt

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